Membership Application
Membership Application
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    ETDIS membership is free of charge and is open to anyone who is working in all Engineering Technologies. Lend your support to our efforts on behalf of scientists, engineers, educators, and students everywhere by becoming a member. Together, we can make a difference in accelerating the science and engineering development.
    Kindly invite you to join ETDIS! Members worldwide benefit from ETDIS efforts to advance research in Engineering Technologies and provide avenues for collaboration. Composed of scientists, researchers, students, and professionals worldwide, ETDIS offers a host of programs and benefits designed to enhance and aid your research and scientific inquiry.
  • Membership Categories
    Anyone interested in being a member can send your Membership Application Form along with your CV to us at to start processing your membership. Feel free to contact us with any questions. There are three membership categories shown below for your reference and one of them can be chosen to apply for, if the stated requirements are satisfied. A membership certificate will be issued once the application is approved.
  • Regular Member
    *Undergraduates or postgraduates majoring in engineering-related professions.
    *People working in engineering fields.
    *People working in other fields interested in the development of Engineering in different disciplines, including environment, energy and education.
    Note: A regular member can be invited to submit papers to ETDIS future conferences and register at the member price.
  • Senior Member
    *PhD candidates or doctorate holders.
    *A professional title of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor or above.
    Note: A senior member can be invited to join ETDIS future conferences as Program Committee Mmbers, Reviewers, Session Chairs or Invited Speakers.
  • Fellow Member
    *Significant contribution to the development of ETDIS.
    *Attended ETDIS conferences several times and have a good performance.
    *Senior Member certificate holders or a professional title of Full Professor.
    Note: Fellow members can be invited as ETDIS Committees, join ETDIS future conferences as Conference Chair, Program Committee Members, Session Chairs or Keynote Speakers.
  • Membership Benefit
    *More opportunities to network with scientific researchers in engineering technologies around the world.
    *Subscription to ETDIS Newsletter that informs members of upcoming symposiums, conferences, workshops and meetings related to the field of engineering technologies.
    *Increase recognition and reinforce credibility within your profession.
    *Enjoy opportunities for publishing, discounts on conferences and Journals, career advancement, awards and grants.

    Students Enjoy Special Benefits!
    *ETDIS is committed to fostering student interest and development in the field of engineering technology. As a result, student members are eligible for conference grants and fellowships and receive publishing opportunities through ETDIS conferences, workshops, and symposiums.
    *Special networking and mentoring events are offered at the annual ETDIS conferences and other ETDIS meetings. Student members are also encouraged to establish ETDIS student chapters at their universities to enhance collaboration in the future.
  • Conference Volunteers
    We are recruiting 3-5 conference volunteers for each conference.
    The candidates should be undergraduate students, graduate students, Ph.D. students, teachers, researchers, and engineers.
    The candidate must be able to speak more than two languages (English is the official language during the conference).
    ETDIS will award a certificate to each volunteer. Please send your Volunteer Application Form along to us via to start processing your membership.