About Us
About Us
The Engineering Technology Development and Innovation Society(ETDIS) is a non-profit and multidisciplinary scientific organization that makes scholarly communications better, including people within all Engineering Technology fields interested in the application and innovation.
Our mission is to promote academic communications all over the world. The development and progress of science and technology can be shared by all humanity and bridge the gap between regional and economic development.

Engineering technology refers to engineering practical technology. Engineering technology, also known as production technology, is a technology applied in industrial production. That is to say, people apply scientific knowledge or use the research results of technological development in industrial production processes to achieve the intended purpose of natural transformation means and methods. Various forms of engineering technology have been formed with different means and methods. For example, mining engineering is the study of the tools and techniques of mining. Metallurgical engineering is related to metal smelting equipment and process. Power engineering is the research of the power plant, grid equipment, and operation. Materials engineering is the study of composition, structure, function materials, etc. In recent decades, with the comprehensive development of science and technology, the concept, means and methods of engineering technology have penetrated into all aspects of modern science and technology and social life, resulting in genetic engineering, medical engineering, educational engineering, management engineering, military engineering, and systems engineering. Moreover, engineering technology has broken through the scope of industrial production technology, showing its broad prospects.

ETDIS is dedicated to promoting the development and innovation of engineering technology in various disciplines. It enables the international exchange of knowledge in engineering technology by bringing together scientists, engineers and managers from a broad range of disciplines with common interests. The role of ETDIS is envisioned as organizing and sponsoring regular regional and international meetings, workshops and conferences, and distributing publications. It serves as a form for the international exchange of information about engineering technology through the periodical publication of a journal, in addition to regular newsletters and conference proceedings. ETDIS is exploring any opportunities to help its members succeed at the leading edge of their professions. Any suggestions or advice regarding the Society's operation and development are welcome to deliver to us. 

ETDIS membership is free of charge and is open to anyone/institution working in engineering technology research. Lend your support to our efforts on behalf of scientists, engineers, educators, and students everywhere by becoming a member. Together we can make a big difference.